Howto: Set permissions for authenticating users and service account


ReVirt 365 requieres certain permissions to be set.

ReVirt does set these permissions, but in some cases the permissions are unable to be set by our system.

If you encounter the error 401 as the title, you need to ensure the service account has the correct permissions. 

Global admin permission and Application Impersonation is usually enough, but in some cases/if you dont want to give GA rights, the below is required to be set.

Also do note: Below is also the rights that is needed for the Backup Service Account to be able to backup. 


  • Teams
    • The account must have a Microsoft Office 365 license that permits access to Microsoft Teams API. The minimum sufficient license is Microsoft Teams Exploratory experience.
    • The account must have the Team Administrator role assigned.
  • Sharepoint and OneDrive
    • SharePoint Admin
    • View-only configuration
    • View-only Recipients
  • Exchange Online
    • Role Management
    • ApplicationImpersonation
    • Organization Configuration
    • View-Only Configuration
    • View-Only Recipients
    • Mailbox Search or Mail Recipients
    • Owner


To backup your Office 365 tenant, the Service account used for backup needs permission to access your tenant data. These permissions is usually set by the Revirt365 portal when in the sertup wizard, but in some cases it’s not possible to set all permissions. 



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