How to: Seed backup data to ReVirt

  1. Go to your Veeam Backup and Replication and create a backup copy job to a local repository and add the VMs from an existing backup job. 
  2. Let the job run to a local repository. 
  3. Once it is completed disable the backup copy job.
  4. Copy the data to an external hard drive or storage device. The folder will be called the name of the backup copy job, this would be the folder to copy.
  5. Contact ReVirt or raise a support ticket and let us know your tenant name and when to expect the drive.
  6. Label the package containing the drive with the support ID / Ticket ID from us and send the disk to:
    2. ATT: ticket ID
    3. Islands brygge 41
    4. 2300 Copenhagen S
    5. Denmark
  7. Once recieved we will then copy the data into our environment, and get back to you once this is completed.
  8. Now modify your backup copy job and change the Target to point towards the Cloud Connect respository from ReVirt.
  9. The Backup-Copy job will now scan the ReVirt repository.
  10. Enable the backup job, and run it again.

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