How to: Check backup snapshots in Baas

Experiencing more backup snapshots than expected ?

When backup up VM’s, you set the amount of snapshots to keep. 

Sometimes this amount can be way off, below is some of the frequent reasons why. 


  • Changed hypervisor: 
    • When changing/migrating hypervisor the VM ID changes, and veeam is using this ID to identify the VM. So if a migration has been done, the ID will change and the vm will be seen as new. 
  • New job with VM:
    • When creating a new job with the same VM, it can be seen as a different VM. 
  • Other changes in your infrastructure. 


  1. Go to your veeam backup and replication console
  2. Go to HOME
  3. Extend Backups
  4. Click Cloud
  5. Now you will see the current data on cloud. 



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