Error: Your service provider has implemented backup files protection against deletion by an insider for this cloud repository


Your ReVirt account has the feature Recycle Bin enabled, causing cloud-based backup-copy and/or backup-jobs to end with a ‘warning’ result, regardless of the actual job result.

Warning: 'Your service provider has implemented backup files protection against deletion by an insider for this cloud repository'


We strongly recommend that you enable GFS to have the best possible protection of your data off-site. If you do not wish to do this. The following registry key can be applied on the tenant Veeam Backup&Replication Server.

Value Name: CloudConnectBinGfsNotificationSeverity
Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication\
Veeam version: 9.5U3 and later
Default value: 2
Description: regulates the warning message about enabling GFS when CloudBin is turned on the SP side. 0 - disable message; 1 - informational; 2 - warning; 3 - error; 4 - job fail. Can be also enabled on the tenant side, in which case it overrides a value on the SP side.


When doing backup-copy jobs off-site, tenants should enable GFS retention settings in the job properties. This will allow Veeam and ReVirt to protect backups created with the job from an attack where malicious personel and/or a hacker reduces a jobs retention policy and thereby create a few incremental backups to remove backed-up data from a backup-chain.


With GFS enabled multiple full-backups will be stored within ReVirt and the job, and these will not merge according to a retention-policy. After such a backup is moved to the ‘recycle-bin’ that resides with Revirt. Data that resides within the recycle-bin cannot be deleted or reached from the tenant side.



If GFS is not enabled the job will complete with the warning above. Veeam will display a notification advising to use the GFS feature within the job. Note that the warning is only displayed in Veeam Backup & Replication U3 or later.



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